Sri Lanka eTA for Russians

Apply for Sri Lanka eTA from Russia

Apply for eTA from Russia

The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular holiday spots in Asia for travelers from all over the world. For visitors coming to Sri Lanka temporarily for the purposes of tourism, business, or transit, the Sri Lanka ETA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, provides a quick and efficient way to obtain the necessary travel permission. The Sri Lanka ETA for Russian Citizens allows Russians to join the nationals of many other countries in availing of the ETA system.

Do I Need a Visa for Sri Lanka from Russia?

Yes. All travelers entering Sri Lanka on a Russian passport require a visa to do so. Russians intending to work or stay in Sri Lanka permanently are not eligible to apply for the Sri Lankan ETA for Russians and must obtain a traditional visa at a Sri Lankan embassy or consulate. Russians visiting Sri Lanka temporarily, however, may apply for an ETA for Sri Lanka in the following three categories:

  • Tourist ETA
  • Business ETA
  • Transit ETA

Which category a traveler should choose depends on the purpose of their visit to Sri Lanka. Individuals applying for a Sri Lanka visa from Russia for the purposes of vacation, family visits, medical treatment, cultural or sporting events, etc. should apply for a tourist ETA. This is ETA lets the holder stay in Sri Lanka for a period of 30 days or less, and may be extended for up to 6 months from inside Sri Lanka, provided the ETA has not expired at any point.

Visitors to Sri Lanka from Russia who are arriving to attend business meetings, negotiations, conferences, training, or other professional activities will require a business ETA. This ETA, like the tourist ETA, grants the holder a 30-day stay in Sri Lanka and can be extended for a maximum of 6 months from within the country.

Travelers who are simply passing through Sri Lanka on their way to another country can apply for the transit ETA. This ETA allows passengers in transit to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 2 days in order to catch their transport connection. Russians considering applying for a transit ETA should note that they do not need a transit visa if they will be in Sri Lanka for less than 8 hours, can show proof of their onward journey, and have the necessary entry permissions for their destination country.

Additionally, Russian passport holders who have dual Russian/Sri Lankan citizenship, or anybody younger than 21 who was born abroad to Sri Lankan parents and has been registered in Sri Lanka, do not need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Russia.

How Long Does It Take for Russians To Get a Sri Lankan ETA?

Due to the fact that the application process for the Sri Lanka ETA for Russians can be done entirely online, the wait for this type of Sri Lanka visa for Russians is typically much short than for other Sri Lanka visas. The application form itself takes just a few minutes to complete, and once it has been successfully submitted, the standard processing time is 24 hours. Since delays do occasionally occur, however, Russian passport holders are advised to submit their application for the Sri Lanka visa from Russia at least 2 working days before they intend to travel.

Once approved, the ETA is delivered to the applicant via email, allowing the traveler to avoid having to wait in line to apply for a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. The electronic delivery of the ETA also means the applicant does not have to apply for their Sri Lanka visa for Russian citizens in-person at a physical embassy or consulate.

How Can Russian Citizens Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa?

In order to fulfil the Sri Lanka visa requirements for Russian citizens, applicants need to possess the following:

  • A valid passport issued by the Russian Federation (this passport must have at least 6 months validity past the holder’s date of arrival into Sri Lanka)
  • A working email address (to which the ETA will be delivered)
  • A functioning debit or credit card (to pay the application fee)

Once these requirements have been fulfilled, applicants can then fill out the online application form for the Sri Lankan ETA for Russians. This form will request basic personal information (name, date of birth, place of birth), passport details (number, date of issue, expiry date), and travel details (itinerary, bookings, etc.). It will also require applicants to choose whether they want to apply for a tourist ETA, a business ETA, or a transit ETA.

It is important that all those applying for the Sri Lanka visa from Russia online check their application thoroughly for mistakes before submitting it, as any errors may cause processing delays or outright rejection of their application.

Once delivered, the Sri Lanka ETA for Russian Citizens should be printed and presented along with the holder’s passport at their Sri Lankan port of entry. Travelers may also be asked to provide documentation proving sufficient funds for their stay, as well as proof of a return journey to Russia or an onward journey to another country following their stay in Sri Lanka.

Travel and visa conditions for Sri Lanka can change, and anyone considering applying for a Sri Lanka visa from Russia is advised to stay up to date with relevant news and developments.