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Apply for Sri Lanka ETA from Canada

Apply for eTA from Canada

The beautiful tropical nation of Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean, is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Sri Lanka receives visitors for tourism, business, and transit purposes from all over the world, and citizens of many countries can now obtain an ETA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, for entry to Sri Lanka prior to their trip. The Sri Lanka ETA for Canadian citizens allows eligible Canadian passport holders to enter Sri Lanka quickly and easily with the appropriate Electronic Travel Authorization type for their trip.

Do I Need a Visa for Sri Lanka from Canada?

All visitors to Sri Lanka from Canada must obtain a Sri Lanka visa for Canadian citizens. Individuals intending to live or work in Sri Lanka are not eligible for a Sri Lankan ETA for Canadian citizens and must apply for a traditional visa at a Sri Lankan embassy or consulate. Travelers who are visiting Sri Lanka temporarily, however, can apply for an ETA under the following 3 categories:



The tourist ETA for Sri Lanka allows Canadian citizens to enter the country for up to 30 days for the purposes of vacation, visiting family, medical treatment, or participation in cultural, sporting, etc. events.
The business ETA for Sri Lanka also permits Canadians to visit Sri Lanka for a maximum of 30 days, this time to participate in business activities such as meetings, negotiations, workshops, training etc.
Both the tourist and business ETA are extendable from inside Sri Lanka for a maximum of 6 months, provided the Sri Lanka visa from Canada does not expire first.
The Sri Lanka transit ETA permits travelers entry into Sri Lanka for up to 2 days for the purposes of onward travel to another country. Visitors should note that transit passengers who will be in Sri Lanka for less than 8 hours, who have proof of onward travel, and who do not leave the airport transit area during their stay do not require a Sri Lanka visa for Canadian citizens.

Travelers are advised that individuals with dual Sri Lankan/Canadian citizenship or individuals under 21, born abroad to Sri Lankan parents and whose birth has been registered in Sri Lanka, do not need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from Canada.

How Long Does It Take for Canadians to Get a Sri Lankan ETA?

Because the application for the Sri Lankan ETA for Canadian citizens can be completed online, the entire application process is shorter than for a traditional visa. Once the application has been filled in and submitted, which normally takes only a few minutes, processing time for the visa is around 24 hours. However, since delays can occasionally occur, travelers from Canada are recommended to apply for their online Sri Lanka visa for Canadian Citizens at least 2 business days before their intended date of departure for Sri Lanka.

Once the Sri Lanka ETA for Canadian citizens has been processed and approved, the ETA document is delivered electronically to the applicant via email. This eliminates the need for travelers to wait in lengthy queues at their Sri Lankan port of entry to apply for a visa on arrival. It also makes the process much quicker than applying for a traditional visa at a Sri Lankan consulate or embassy.

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How Do I Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Canada?

Sri Lankan visa requirements for Canadian citizens state that in order to obtain an ETA for Sri Lanka, Canadian citizens must be in possession of the following items:


  • A Canadian passport which will remain valid for no less than 6 months following the holder’s entry into Sri Lanka
  • A functioning email address (to receive the ETA)
  • A working debit/credit card (to pay the application processing fee)


Applicants who have all of these items may then fill out the online Sri Lanka ETA application form. This form will ask for the following information:


  • Personal details (name, address, date of birth, country of birth, etc.)
  • Passport details (number, date of issue, expiry date)
  • Travel itinerary (accommodation reservations, etc.)


The form will also ask applicants to select their desired type of Sri Lanka ETA for Canadian citizens (tourist, business, or transit).

When applying for the Sri Lanka visa from Canada online, travelers should verify that all the information they provide is correct, as errors on their application may cause processing delays or rejection.

Once the Sri Lankan ETA for Canadian citizens has been received electronically, it should be printed for presentation at the traveler’s port of entry into Sri Lanka. Canadian visitors to Sri Lanka should also be able to present the following documents when entering Sri Lanka:


  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of their stay
  • Proof of a return trip to Canada or an onward journey to a third country, plus any necessary travel documents for this third country


Sri Lanka visa requirements for Canadian citizens have the potential to change, and visitors planning a trip to this country should keep up to date with the latest news and travel information from Sri Lanka.