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German citizens looking for a sunny escape are turning to Sri Lanka. The small but densely populated island nation is located in the Indian Ocean, just south of India, and is famous for its incredible beaches, making it the ideal getaway for German tourists looking for a sunny break. In addition to its beaches, Sri Lanka is also home to rich and diverse ecosystems, fantastic food, and ancient architectural wonders, which all combine to give a German travelers a unique experience.

While there are many countries in the world that don’t require German passport holders to apply for and receive a visa prior to travel, Sri Lanka is not one of them. However, thanks to the uptick in tourism, officials have made it easy for Germans to receive approval by way of a SriLanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The entire process can be completed online in minutes, and thanks to a quick turnaround time, German travelers can be approved for travel to Sri Lanka faster than ever before.

Do German citizens need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Every German citizen who intends on visiting Sri Lanka must hold a valid visa or ETA before arriving at their port of entry. The type of visa they need depends on a number of factors such as their reason for visiting and their intended length of stay.

ETA Types

There are three types of ETAs available for German citizens who are planning their trip to Sri Lanka:


  • The Tourist ETA is valid for 180 days from the date it is issued. Within those 180 days, it grants the holder 30 days of stay within Sri Lanka from the date of arrival. The tourist ETA also allows for two entries into Sri Lanka provided that the second entry comes within the 30 day window that the tourist ETA allows
  • The Business ETA is valid for 180 days from the date it is issued. Business Electronic Travel Authorization holders can remain in Sri Lanka for visits of up to 30 days. The business ETA allows for multiple entries into trhe country, however, all entries must be within 30 days of the original date of arrival.
  • The Transit ETA is valid for up to 180 days from the date it is issued. The main difference between the transit ETA and either of the other two, is that the transit ETA does not allow for the holder to leave the airport at any time. It is strictly for those travelers who are using Sri Lanka as a point of connection for onward travel. The transit ETA is only valid for a duration of two days, meaning all travelers must remain in the airport for no more than 48 hours


Note: Passports must have a minimum of 180 days of validity from the date of entry into Sri Lanka no matter what type of visa or ETA the traveler holds.

What documents are required for Germans for the Sri Lanka ETA?

Applying for any of the three Sri Lanka ETAs is simple for German passport holders. In addition to the passport with 180 days of validity from the intended date of entry, there are a few other documents and requirements for obtain the eTA.

German citizens must provide:


  • A current email address as all correspondence including the final decision regarding the ETA will be through email
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay the non-refundable one-time fee
  • A digital copy of the passport data page

How can Germans apply for a Sri Lanka visa?

German travelers looking to apply for any of the three Sri Lanka ETAs can do so here. You will be asked to provide information such as your full name, current address, and date of birth.

It is important to understand that your specific reason for entering Sri Lanka affects the type of ETA or visa you require. ETAs are available for purposes of tourism, leisure, business, or transit. If German citizens wish to visit Sri Lanka for humanitarian or religious purposes, they must visit an embassy or consulate and apply for a visa in person.

Once the ETA has been granted, it is imperative to print out a hard copy of the document and carry it with you to Sri Lanka. Authorities at the border will check that the ETA matches their records, you may also be required to provide proof of funds for the duration of your stay as well as a return ticket proving that you intend to leave Sri Lanka before your ETA expires.

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