Sri Lanka ETA for Italian Citizens

Apply for Sri Lanka Visa from Italy

Apply for eTA from Italy

Traveling from Italy to Sri Lanka requires specific authorization from the Sri Lankan government. There are certain requirements to be met which include having a valid Italian passport and other documents before being allowed entry into the country.

Travelers can get their Sri Lanka visa from Italy by applying online for a Sri Lankan ETA, also known as an electronic travel authorization. The online application for a visa or Sri Lanka ETA allows Italian tourists to save time by avoiding the need to visit an embassy or consulate to obtain a traditional visa or queueing upon arrival in the country. Tourist visas are usually issued for a maximum period of 30 days.

What is the ETA?

Sri Lanka has an effective online visa waiver system known as the ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. The ETA was introduced in 2012 to allow citizens of certain eligible nationalities to visit Sri Lanka for short stays using an electronic visa.

Through the ETA system, there are specific Sri Lanka visa requirements for Italian citizens which means that they can apply and get prior approval for their visa instead of on arrival. It is recommended that travelers apply online for visas to avoid unnecessary delays in trying to get a Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens at the airport.

A Sri Lanka ETA for Italian citizens is issued electronically and sent to the applicant’s email address. The Sri Lanka ETA is linked to your passport. Travelers should print a copy of their Sri Lanka ETA and keep it with them during their travels.

Do Italian Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Sri Lanka?

Yes, Italian citizens are not exempt from needing a Sri Lanka visa, so in order to visit the country for tourism, business or transit purposes, a Sri Lanka visa or ETA will be required.

Italian travelers applying for an ETA should be clear on the purpose of their visit.

The ETA, once approved, is valid for a total of 180 days from the date of issue.

Types of Visas for Italian Citizens


  • The Sri Lankan Tourist Visa allows stays of up to 30 days with a double-entry permit
  • The Sri Lankan Business Visa allows stays of up to 20 days from the arrival date with a multiple-entry permit
  • The Sri Lankan Transit Visa allows stays of up to 2 days with a single-entry


Any Italian overstaying their visa will attract a fine as well as possible detention and deportation.

What is a Transit Visa?

Applying for a visa for Italians who are just passing through Sri Lanka is much the same as applying for a business or tourist visa. Travelers are required to fill out an online application detailing certain personal information and including passport data in order to obtain a Sri Lanka Transit ETA for Italian citizens. It will be necessary to select ‘transit’ as the purpose of the trip.

Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Italy

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Italian citizens include filling out an application form with some personal information and other details regarding flights, place of origin, birth date, telephone number, email address, home address, etc.

The application is 100% online and will be screened by the Sri Lankan government once it is processed.

What Documents are Required for Italians to Get a Sri Lanka ETA?

Italian citizens applying for a Sri Lankan ETA online should have the following documents available to complete the application:


  • A debit or credit card to pay the ETA Sri Lanka fee
  • Passport – travelers must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Your passport should have 2 blank pages available
  • Email address where the approved Sri Lanka visa will be sent


Additional Information for Italian Citizens Traveling to Sri Lanka

Once the traveler has completed a Sri Lanka ETA visa waiver online application and they have received their approved Sri Lankan ETA, there is further supporting documentation required to provide on arrival in Sri Lanka.


  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your Sri Lankan stay
  • Confirmed return ticket to Italy or an onward ticket to another destination
  • A printed copy of the approved ETA for Sri Lanka


How Long is the Processing Time for the ETA?

The standard processing time is around 24 hours. This can sometimes take longer and all travelers should make sure to apply for their ETA for Sri Lanka with sufficient time before their arrival date.

Receiving the Approved ETA

Once the Sri Lanka visa application process has been approved, the applicant will receive the approved Sri Lankan ETA for Italians via the email address they provided when filling out their application form. Italian travelers should then print a copy of the Sri Lanka online visa which must be presented on arrival at border control. It is wise to keep the ETA on you while traveling in the country.