Sri Lanka ETA for French Citizens

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French nationals wishing to enter Sri Lanka for short stays need a travel authorization from the Sri Lankan government. The Sri Lanka ETA, or Electronic Travel Euthority, can be obtained online and grants French citizens a stay of 30 days in total and, in some cases, allows for 2 entries.

Do French Citizens Need a Visa for Sri Lanka?

Yes, French citizens who visit Sri Lanka for tourism or for business purposes will need to apply for a Sri Lankan visa. However, with an electronic Sri Lanka visa for French citizens, the country is now allowing travelers from France, as well as 35 other countries, to enter without the need to visit an embassy or consulate to process a traditional visa.

A Sri Lanka visa from France allows French travelers to enter the country for tourism, business trips or transit.

The Sri Lanka ETA application process can be done completely online, eliminating long queues upon arrival. Once the Sri Lanka visa for France application process is complete, the ETA approval document is sent to the email address supplied in the form.

How Can French Citizens Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa?

Applying for the ETA approval online is the best way for French citizens to get a Sri Lanka ETA stress-free. Once the online application form is completed, the applicant simply submits the form, by paying the relevant Sri Lanka visa fee and awaits news via email on the status of their application.

French citizens need to fill in the form accurately and fully. Most of the details are mandatory, and missing or erroneous information will simply delay the process.

What Do French Citizens Need to Obtain a Sri Lanka ETA?

Sri Lanka visa requirements for French citizens involve having the right documentation and other criteria. See the following for a complete list of documentation to have available before completing the online application:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months upon entry into Sri Lanka
  • Credit or debit card to pay for the visa application fee
  • Email address where you will receive the ETA
  • Scanned copy of passport information page

With these requirements fulfilled, French citizens can proceed to fill out the online form which takes just minutes to complete.

You will be required to complete personal details and passport information as well as answer some basic security questions. The main information to fill out will include:

  • Surname
  • First Names
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship

You will also need to select the Sri Lanka ETA for French citizens that suits your purpose for visiting Sri Lanka, whether you are traveling for tourism, business or transit.

Once French citizens have completed the entire ETA application form and have submitted it, they pay their visa fee and the application form is then forwarded to the Sri Lankan government for approval.

How Long is the ETA Approval Process?

The Sri Lanka ETA approved visa is emailed to the applicant within about 24 hours. The application for online visas is subject to approval from the Sri Lankan government.

With ETA approval, French citizens can travel to Sri Lanka producing their approved ETA visa and their accompanying passport to show border authorities upon arrival. A copy of the ETA should be printed and kept on your person throughout the duration of your stay in Sri Lanka.

At the border, citizens from France should also be prepared to display the following documentation to ensure their passage into Sri Lanka:

  • Proof of sufficient funds for intended stay
  • Return tickets to home country or proof on onward travel

The visa is linked to your passport number and the ETA document is sent directly to the email address provided by the applicant.