Sri Lanka's ETA for Egyptian Citizens

Access to Sri Lanka ETA form

The Sri Lankan government introduced the Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) in 2012 to facilitate short-term visits to the country for international travellers. Citizens of selected countries, including Egyptian nationals, are eligible to apply for the ETA and visit Sri Lanka without requiring a traditional visa. The application process is highly convenient for Egyptian travellers since it is entirely online without contacting the embassy or consulate or waiting in long lines at the Sri Lankan border.

What Types of Sri Lankan ETA are Available for Egyptian Citizens?

Visitors from Egypt can select from the 3 different ETA types for Sri Lanka, provided they are planning short-term visits for tourism or business or if they have a short transit in the country.

Sri Lanka ETA for Egyptian tourists

Egyptians can travel to Sri Lanka for various leisure and cultural purposes with the Sri Lanka ETA for tourism purposes. The following activities are covered with this electronic travel authorisation.

  • Visit family and friends
  • Relaxation, cultural and leisure activities
  • Receive medical treatments
  • Attend cultural events
  • Participate in sports competitions

The Tourism ETA is valid for 6 months from the date it is granted and allows visitors from Egypt a stay for up to 30 days.

Sri Lanka for Egyptian business visits

Egyptian professionals and business investors can obtain the Sri Lankan ETA for business to carry out several financial and professional development activities:

  • Assist conferences and workshops
  • Attend business meetings
  • Participate in cultural events
  • Complete short term training courses

The Sri Lanka Business ETA is valid for 6 months and allows Egyptians a visit up to 30 days.

Egyptian passport holders interested in coming to Sri Lanka for other activities such as meeting with political parties, journalists, or NGO’s should know that the ETA does not apply. They must request a standard visa in these cases.

Sri Lanka Transit ETA for Egyptian arrivals

On their way to another destination, Egyptian travellers transiting through Sri Lanka with a connecting flight that departs between 8 and 48 hours later must apply for a Sri Lanka Transit ETA. If their transit is shorter than 8 hours, they are naturally exempt from any travel entry. If their stay is for longer than 2 days, the ETA, either touristic or business, is the most convenient option. The Transit ETA is valid for 6 months upon issuance and grants authorisation to stay 48 hours in the country.

ETA Requirements to Enter Sri Lanka From Egypt

Egyptian citizens must meet several ETA requirements for Sri Lanka before they initiate their application process. These conditions include the following:

  • An Egyptian passport valid for at least 6 months counting from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka
  • A frequently used email address
  • An active debit or credit card for paying the ETA Sri Lanka processing fee

The Sri Lanka ETA is connected to the applicant’s passport number. It is a unique travel authorisation that cannot be transferred to a second document. If Egyptian applicants have a passport about to expire, they must obtain a new one and use it for the ETA application. Likewise, dual nationals must travel using the same passport they used to apply for a Sri Lankan ETA.

Application Process for Sri Lanka’s ETA From Egypt

When Egyptian nationals have checked they meet the ETA requirements, they can go ahead to initiate the Sri Lanka ETA application form. The form is a simple questionnaire that takes approximately 15 minutes and requires Egyptian applicants to have a stable internet connection. They will be required to provide the following personal details and information:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Country of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Purpose of travel to Sri Lanka
  • Travel itinerary

Besides, they will have to provide the following passport details:

  • Passport country
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue date
  • Passport expiry date

Egyptian nationals are recommended to confirm that all the information they provided in the application is correct and truthful before proceeding to the final stage of the application form. This step is essential to ensure quick processing of the Sri Lankan ETA for Egypt. To finalize the application process Egyptians will continue to the payment of the ETA fee section. Before actioning payment, we recommend they check their card has been previously authorized for online payments in international transactions and carries sufficient funds.

How long does it take for the Sri Lankan ETA to be approved for Egyptians?

Once Egyptian citizens have submitted their application for the ETA, the Sri Lankan government analyzes that the forms are correct and the travellers meet the requirements. This process is very swift and usually takes 24 hours. However, Sri Lankan authorities recommend Egyptian citizens complete their ETA application as early as possible to provide enough time in busy touristic periods.

The Sri Lankan government will issue the approved ETAs to Egyptian applicants by email attached as a PDF. Upon receipt, Egyptian nationals must print out a copy and store it with the rest of their travel documents.

Egyptian Visitors Arriving in Sri Lanka With the ETA

Egyptian nationals are perfectly eligible to travel to Sri Lanka with their approved ETAs. Upon arrival, they must display the following documents and information at passport controls:

  • Egyptian passport
  • A printed copy of the approved Sri Lanka ETA
  • Proof of sufficient funds for their stay in Sri Lanka
  • A confirmed return ticket or an onward ticket

The return ticket must comply with the allowed 30 days. Nevertheless, If Egyptians wish to prolong their Sri Lanka stay, they can request an extension for their Sri Lankan ETA. They must organize a visit to the Immigration Services Centre in Colombo or the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Battaramulla. Before attending, they will have to ensure they have a passport picture following the Sri Lankan passport photo requirements.

For more in-depth information about travelling to the country and current entry restrictions, visitors can follow the Sri Lankan visa news section’s updates.

Visa on arrival for Sri Lanka for Egyptian visitors

Egyptians travelling to Sri Lanka who have not been able to request an ETA or standard visa before their departure are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport.

Even though this option is still available for selected international arrivals, Egyptians should take into account they must wait for long hours at passport controls with all of their documents and pay at the border controls counter. The online ETA for Sri Lanka is a much more convenient and preferred choice for Egyptian visitors in Sri Lanka.