Sri Lanka ETA for Bangladeshi Citizens

Apply for Sri Lanka ETA from Bangladesh

Apply for Sri Lanka ETA

Sri Lanka is one of the most delightful nations on the planet, prominently known for its tremendous tea ranches and dazzling beaches.

Fortunately, Sri Lanka offers an electronic travel authorization (ETA) in order to make the process of applying for a visa to visit the country more straightforward, productive and efficient.

As such, there is no compelling reason to go through the stress of collating documents and making regular visits to the Sri Lankan embassy in your country. The Sri Lanka ETA is available online and allows eligible travelers to.

Do Bangladeshi Citizens Need a Visa for Sri Lanka?

Bangladeshi citizens planning to visit Sri Lanka must have a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which they can apply for via the online Sri Lanka ETA application form to enable them to obtain the necessary authorization to enter Sri Lanka. The kind of entry document you should apply for is determined by the reason for your trip. Bangladeshi citizens traveling to Sri Lanka for tourism, business, or transit are eligible for the ETA depending on the duration of their stay.

Individuals going for long-term business, religious purposes, or humanitarian efforts must acquire their visa by the traditional means of a Sri Lankan consulate or embassy ahead of time of arrival.

There is also the possibility to obtain a visa on arrival, however, the ETA is a more convenient way of obtaining travel authorization which permits Bangladeshi citizens to avoid standing in line upon arrival and having to present many documents that they may not have to hand at the time.



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Documents Required for Bangladeshi Citizens to Get the Sri Lankan Visa

Bangladeshi citizens who intend to visit Sri Lanka as tourists or for business purposes are permitted to enter Sri Lanka with the 30-day ETA. There are certain Sri Lanka ETA requirements that all Bangladeshi citizens should abide by in order to obtain the corresponding travel authorization before visiting Sri Lanka.

The requirements for citizens from Bangladesh to be able to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA include the following:

  • Valid passport with a duration of 6 months beyond the date of arrival
  • Current email address where candidates will receive the approved ETA
  • Valid debit or credit card to pay the ETA fee online


After receiving the approved ETA for Sri Lanka via email, Bangladeshi citizens can begin their trip to Sri Lanka, but they must also bear in mind to take along the following documentation in order to be permitted entry by border and immigration authorities upon arrival:


  • Printed copy of the ETA approval
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay
  • Onward or return flight confirmation


How Do I Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi citizens visiting Sri Lanka must have either an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or a visa to enter Sri Lanka. The former can be applied for online quickly and easily by completing an ETA application form which requires travelers to provide basic personal information, details of their travel plans, and to answer some simple security questions.

Bangladeshi citizens intending to visit Sri Lanka for religious or humanitarian efforts must acquire entry visas from the closest Sri Lankan embassy or consulate before leaving for Sri Lanka. These visas are not accessible at the port of entry or through the online platform.

Eligible travelers are encouraged to use the online registration platform to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA from Bangladesh to avoid long delays at the port of entry.