eTA Requirements for Swedish Citizens

Apply for eTA from Sweden

Sri Lanka, a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, is a popular destination for travelers from countries across the globe. Visitors entering Sri Lanka temporarily as tourists, on business, or for transit purposes can avail of the ETA, or Electronic Travel Authorization, a quick and convenient online visa system for Sri Lanka. Swedish nationals can enjoy the benefits of this system through the Sri Lanka ETA for Swedish citizens.

Is a Sri Lanka Visa Needed for Swedish Citizens?

Anyone traveling to Sri Lanka on a Swedish passport will require a Sri Lanka visa for Swedish citizens in order to enter the country. What kind of visa a Swedish traveler should apply for depends on the purpose of their visit. Swedes who wish to live or work permanently in Sri Lanka must obtain a traditional visa from a physical embassy or consulate. In contrast, those wishing to make a shorter trip to Sri Lanka may apply for a Sri Lankan ETA for Swedes in one of three categories:

  • Sri Lanka tourism ETA
  • Sri Lanka business ETA
  • Sri Lanka transit ETA

Swedes traveling to Sri Lanka for the purposes of tourism, family visits, medical treatment, or cultural and religious activities should apply for a tourism ETA. This will allow them to enter Sri Lanka for a period of up to 30 days and, if desired, extend their stay in the country by up to 6 months.
Swedish citizens entering Sri Lanka to attend business meetings, conferences, seminars, training, negotiations, or any related activity will need a business ETA. This carries the same terms as a tourism ETA, in that it allows a 30-day visit and is extendable up to a maximum period of 6 months.
Anyone intending to pass through Sri Lanka on their way to another country should obtain the transit ETA. This permits holders to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 2 days while they catch their travel connection. Swedish visitors do not, however, require a Sri Lanka ETA for Swedish citizens if they will be in transit through Sri Lanka for 8 hours or less, can show proof of their onward journey, and remain in the airport transit area for the duration of their stay in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, anyone who holds dual Swedish/Sri Lankan nationality, or who was born abroad to Sri Lankan parents but registered in Sri Lanka and is 21 or younger, is exempt from obtaining a Sri Lanka visa for Swedes.

Sri Lanka Visa Document Requirements for Swedish Citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Swedish citizens indicate that all applicants for the Sri Lanka ETA for Swedish citizens must possess a valid Swedish passport which will remain valid for no less than 6 months following the holder’s intended date of arrival to Sri Lanka. In order to complete the ETA application process, applicants must also possess:

  • A functioning email address (the ETA will be delivered electronically to this address)
  • A working debit/credit card (for processing fee payment)

How to Apply for the Sri Lanka Visa from Sweden

Once a Swedish passport holder has fulfilled the documentation requirements to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA for Swedish citizens, they can complete the short, straightforward application form online. This form will require the applicant to provide the following details:

  • Basic personal information, including full name, date and location of birth, address, etc.
  • Passport details, such as number, date of issue, expiry date, etc.
  • Travel plans, including itinerary and dates

At this stage, applicants will also choose the category of ETA they wish to obtain: tourism, business, or transit.

Before submitting their application for the electronic Sri Lanka visa from Sweden, it is recommended that applicants review the information they have provided in order to confirm its accuracy, as any errors could delay the processing of the application.

Due to the electronic nature of the application, the Sri Lanka ETA for Swedish nationals can be received much faster than a traditional visa, which requires a visit to a Sri Lankan embassy, or a visa on arrival, which may require a long wait when entering Sri Lanka. Under normal circumstances, the Sri Lankan ETA for Swedes will be approved and delivered by email within 24 hours. However, delays do sometimes happen, and in order to avoid travel disruptions, applicants should try to submit their applications at least 2 business days before they plan to depart for Sri Lanka.

Once the electronic Sri Lanka visa for Swedes has been received, it should be printed and kept with the holder’s passport for presentation at the Sri Lankan border. It is possible that Swedish passport holders visiting Sri Lanka may also be asked for the following items of documentation upon entry into the country:

  • Proof that they can fund themselves independently for the duration of their stay
  • Proof that they have arranged a return journey to Sweden or onward travel to a third country once their Sri Lankan ETA for Swedes expires

All travelers from Sweden to Sri Lanka should stay informed of news and events regarding Sri Lankan visa regulations and travel advisories, as these may change.