Sri Lanka's ETA for Finnish Citizens

Apply for Sri Lankan ETA From Finland

ETA Application

The Sri Lanka electronic travel authorization (eTA) was introduced by the Sri Lankan Government in 2012 to facilitate the immigration process and improve the border security of the country.

Citizens of most countries including Finland who travel to Sri Lanka for either tourism, business, or transit, are eligible to apply for a Sri Lankan ETA. The application process is simple and fast and can be done at any time from anywhere in the world.

Sri Lankan Visa Waivers for Finnish Nationals

All Finnish nationals traveling to Sri Lanka must obtain an ETA. There are three different visa waiver types available, which depend on the purpose of the trip. Candidates must choose the suitable ETA type during their application process.

Tourist and business ETAs are valid for 30 days, with a possibility for Finns to extend their stay for another 6 months, while transit ETA has a validity of 2 days.

Finnish citizens traveling for tourism, family visits, medical treatments, or to take part in sporting or cultural events in Sri Lanka, must apply for a Sri Lanka ETA for Tourism.

Business travelers who intend to participate in meetings, negotiation, conferences, workshops, seminars, or short-term training programs are eligible for obtaining a Sri Lanka’s ETA for Business. Holders of the business ETA for Sri Lanka can also take part in art, music, dance, and religious events.

For transits of up to 2 days, Finnish citizens can apply for a Sri Lanka ETA for Transit. The ETA for Sri Lanka is not required for transit passengers who are bound to leave the country in less than 8 hours after the arrival.

It is important to note that Finnish travelers in transit must have a confirmed ticket for onward travel. They are not allowed to exit the airport transit area during their stay.

Application Process for Sri Lanka’s ETA From Finland

Finnish travelers who would like to apply online for a Sri Lanka ETA from Finland can do so by filling out a simple, straightforward form. They will be asked to provide the following general personal information and passport details in the application form:

  • Full name (as it appears on the Finnish passport)
  • Place and date of birth
  • Gender and nationality
  • Contact info: home address, email address and phone number
  • Passport details: country and date of issuance, expiry date, and passport number

Applicants from Finland must also pay the ETA Sri Lanka processing fee with a credit or debit card and verify that all the information provided in the application form is correct before they can go ahead and submit the form.

Once they receive the ETA by email, Finnish travelers are required to print out a copy and present it to the border immigration officer along with their passport.

Although the ETA Sri Lanka processing time is very short and the visa waiver is usually approved within 24 hours, Finnish visitors should apply as soon as possible. This way travelers from Finland can make sure that there is enough time to submit any additional documentation or correct any mistakes if needed.

Visa Waiver Requirements to Enter Sri Lanka as a Finn

The Sri Lankan ETA entry requirements for Finland include having:

  • An unexpired Finnish passport valid for at least 6 months after the entry in Sri Lanka
  • A valid email address to receive the Sri Lankan ETA and any ETA-related information
  • An active debit or credit card for paying the ETA Sri Lanka processing fee online
  • A photo of the Finnish applicant that follows Sri Lankan guidelines for ETA pictures.

Finnish nationals must note that each Sri Lankan application is connected to the Finnish traveler’s passport number. If the passport is expiring before the return from Sri Lanka, the candidate needs to obtain a new passport and use it for the ETA application.

Dual nationals must travel to Sri Lanka with the same passport that they used for applying for the ETA.

Applicants from Finland are also required to provide some supporting documentation at the Sri Lankan border including:

  • A paper copy of the ETA visa waiver to Sri Lanka
  • Proof of sufficient funds to economically support the Finnish applicant for the entire duration of the stay in Sri Lanka
  • Proof of onward travel in the form of a confirmed return ticket or a ticket to another destination before the expiry date of the ETA.

Some other prerequisites might be needed in the case travelers from Finland have a severe, contagious disease that must be communicated. In this case, it is advised that Finns visit a doctor weeks before their trip to Sri Lanka. Also, it is important to inform local authorities if there is a criminal record associated with the traveler.

How to Prepare a Finland-Sri Lanka Journey

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. When preparing their journey from Helsinki to Colombo or Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Finns must learn about Sri Lanka’s ports of entry and how they work.

Also, to have a safe and enjoyable trip, it is recommendable that Finnish travelers familiarize themselves with the culture and customs of Sri Lanka as well as the local laws.