Sri Lanka health declaration form

Sri Lanka has introduced a health declaration form for international travellers as a measure against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Foreigners who are permitted to visit, as well as Sri Lankan nationals returning home, must remember to complete the declaration before passing through immigration control.

The health care declaration form for Sri Lanka is one of the various temporary regulations on entering the Asian island state. It expected that it will be an entry requirement for the duration of the pandemic.

This quick guide outlines who needs the Sri Lanka health declaration form and how to fill it in.

What is the Sri Lanka health declaration form?

The health care declaration form for Sri Lanka is a document that must be completed by incoming travellers arriving from abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is one of a series of coronavirus travel restrictions for Sri Lanka that have been implemented during 2020 and 2021.

It consists of an office copy and a traveller’s copy, both of which must be completed (with the exception of fields marked with “For office use only” or “For Immigration only”).

Where can I find the Sri Lanka health declaration form?

The health declaration form for travellers arriving by air can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Downloaded from the internet
  • The immigration desks upon arrival

A separate health declaration form exists for passengers on ships, but this must be completed by the vessel’s doctor and/or a senior officer.

Who needs to complete a self health declaration form for Sri Lanka?

All travellers who arrive at Sri Lanka’s borders from overseas must have a completed health declaration form to enter the island country.

This includes the following categories of passenger:

  • Sri Lankan nationals
  • Foreign residents of Sri Lanka
  • Visiting tourists
  • Individuals travelling for humanitarian purposes
  • Foreign businesspersons
  • Foreign diplomats

The Sri Lankan health declaration for tourists is one of a number of entry requirements that visitors must meet to be able to enter the country as Sri Lanka reopens for tourism in 2021.

Do children have to fill out a Sri Lanka health declaration form?

Children need a health declaration form for Sri Lanka, as does any other traveller. However, they do not have to fill it in themselves.

Parents and guardians should complete a form on behalf of their dependent children under the age of 15 in addition to their own forms.

Each individual in a family travelling together should have their own health declaration form in order to enter Sri Lanka.

How to fill in the COVID-19 health declaration for Sri Lanka

The self health declaration form for Sri Lanka can be found online or at the immigration counters upon arrival at border control. It is advisable to complete it in advance of the trip to avoid wasting time filling it out at the border.

Completing the Sri Lankan health declaration form simply involves filling in the required details. The traveller must provide some basic personal and contact information, including the following:

  • Full name with initials
  • Gender
  • Contact phone number while staying in Sri Lanka

It is also necessary to submit a few travel details, including the following:

  • Point of origin
  • Flight number
  • Passport number
  • Address in Sri Lanka

Finally, passengers must answer some questions related to COVID-19, including:

  • If they have been diagnosed with coronavirus while overseas
  • If they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19

The individual must then sign and date the form.

Upon arrival at border control, the traveller’s temperature will be taken by an Officer of the Health Office, who will complete the remaining parts of the form.

Do I still need a visa if I fill in the health declaration form for Sri Lanka?

Yes, visitors of nationalities that require a Sri Lanka visa to enter the country must have both items to clear immigration upon arrival.

The COVID health declaration for Sri Lanka is not an alternative to a Sri Lanka ETA, visa, or any other entry requirement.

Visitors should ensure that they have all the necessary documentation needed to enter before embarking on a journey to the South Asian country. This may include filling in a Sri Lanka ETA application form, as well as meeting all the temporary requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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