Photo requirements and guidelines for Sri Lanka ETA

It is important to understand Sri Lanka visa photo requirements before applying for the electronic travel authorization (ETA) online.

Visitors traveling to the country require a Sri Lanka visa or ETA (except for nationals of the Maldives, the Seychelles, and Singapore, who are visa-exempt). When applying for any type of visa or ETA, it is essential to provide the correct documentation, including any necessary photos.

This guide to Sri Lanka eVisa photos has all the information travelers need to meet the requirements of the ETA application.

Do you need a photo for a Sri Lanka Visa?

Yes, travelers going to Sri Lanka need a photo similar to a passport photo for their Sri Lanka eVisa. Three (3) identical photos must be submitted with their Sri Lanka online visa application.

It is advisable to have a Sri Lanka visa photo taken professionally or in a photo booth to ensure that it meets the legal requirements. However, as long as it meets the specifications listed below, it should be accepted with the visa application no matter where it is taken.

Sri Lanka e-Visa photo requirements

A Sri Lanka e-Visa photo must meet certain specifications for the application to be successful. These photo requirements are very particular and must be adhered to.

What must a Sri Lanka ETA photo show?

The photo must feature the applicant’s head, face, and shoulders. The applicant must be looking directly at the camera. Their face should not be obscured by shadows or long hair.

The applicant must not be wearing glasses or headwear (hats, scarves, helmets, etc.). Certain exceptions may be made for religious purposes.

The photo cannot be older than 6 months to ensure the likeness to the applicant is accurate.

Can I smile in a visa photo?

It is best not to smile in a visa photo. The photo should look as natural and neutral as possible. Photos showing the applicant smiling or making other facial expressions may be rejected. It is recommended to keep to the following guidelines:

  • The applicant’s expression should be neutral
  • Their mouth should be closed, without showing any teeth
  • Both eyes should be open normally, without squinting or raising their eyebrows
  • Avoid smiling, laughing, and frowning
  • Avoid turning or tilting the head — it should be perfectly straight and facing the camera

Sri Lanka visa photo size

The required dimensions of the visa photo for Sri Lanka are as follows:

  • The width must be 35 mm
  • The height must be 45 mm

The height of the head in the photo must be between 32 mm and 36 mm from the chin to the top of the head or hair (taking up 70-80% of the photo). There must be a space between the top of the applicant’s head and the top of the visa photo. This space must measure 3 mm.

Fortunately, the required photo print size for Sri Lanka is the same as in many other countries, such as in European Union passport photos. This means that passport photos from these countries will also be useable for a Sri Lanka eVisa application. Passport photo booths in these countries may guide the user to put their head in the correct position to meet requirements.

However, in other countries, such as the USA, passport photo dimensions are different. Travelers must take care to submit a photo that measures 35 mm x 45 mm.

The Sri Lanka visa extension photo size is the same as for the initial visa.

Further specifications for Sri Lanka eVisa photos

A Sri Lanka eVisa photo should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi (dots per inch).

All 3 photos must be in color (not black and white). The whole of the applicant’s face must be in focus. The image must be clear, with appropriate contrast.

The background of the photo must be white. There mustn’t be any shadows on the white background. There should be no other details, patterns, people, or objects in the frame apart from the applicant’s head and shoulders.

Are there any requirements apart from the visa photo?

Individuals applying for a Sri Lanka electronic travel permit online should be aware that photo specifications are not the only details that are important to get right. Applicants must also provide the correct documents and information. Learn more about the rest of the Sri Lanka visa requirements you should have at hand when applying.

Aside from the requirements for the application, there are other things to be done before your trip. This includes having the vaccines required to travel to Sri Lanka and planning where to enter the country. It is useful to know the location of the Sri Lankan border entry points.

Once everything is in order, travelers are ready to experience all the wonders the island country has to offer, such as Sri Lanka’s world heritage sites, Sri Lankan cuisine, and much more.

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